Keeping Your Family Member at Home

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In years past, the emphasis in caring for sick and frail seniors has not been on receiving home health care. In the majority of cases, family members have shouldered the burden of all assistance provided, and nursing homes have been the only place to turn when skilled nursing care became a necessity. And, yet, how many people do we hear express that they would like to live out their last days in a nursing home? To the contrary, the thought of a nursing home is usually one of last resort, regardless of the quality of care provided. Seniors desire to spend the end of their lives in their own familiar surroundings – at home and with loved ones.

Providing care for the loved ones of our generation, however, has presented a new set of problems. A current 90-year-old Champion patient was taken in by her daughter and son-in-law who still have children living at home. The responsibilities involved in being “sandwiched” with responsibilities in this way have caused the adult children to seek out the help of a “live-in” home health aide to care for the mother, while another family in similar circumstances has requested care for their father while they are at work. Many of the seniors Champion cares for are living alone, while adult children live in other states. These children find comfort in knowing a caring individual is there for Mom or Dad when they can’t be, whether it be continuous care or just a few hours a week.

Facing the countless decisions involved in caring for a loved one, even in the most ideal situation, can definitely be overwhelming, but there is good news! Regardless of the location of family members or the situation which has made assistance necessary, seniors can still choose to spend their final years and moments at home, enjoying the familiar surroundings and activities that have made their lives unique. At Champion Home Health Care, we believe our job is to respect that choice. We visit each and every person who requests our services because we want to know each one as an individual. If living at home is your choice, or you would like to honor a loved one who has made that choice, Champion Home Health Care exists to help you do so.

Written by: Renee Risnear

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